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Author Topic: Chromecast won't connect to hotspot  (Read 2935 times)


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Chromecast won't connect to hotspot
« on: September 19, 2016, 03:32:15 PM »
I have successfully used 'Tony Chromo' at my house and he connected to the Wifi just fine and worked great.  The Wifi at my house is private.  But now that I am living in the dorms at college, my chromecast won't connect to the private and secure wifi.  To sign into the wifi, I typically enter in my school email address and its password to access the wifi, but when I try to connect Tony Chromo to it, he always gives me a message saying it wont connect. There is no other available hotspot I can use.  I am using an IPhone 6+ using IOS. Please Help!


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