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Author Topic: Google OPTIONS and quality issues  (Read 1820 times)


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Google OPTIONS and quality issues
« on: November 21, 2016, 01:22:21 PM »
Hi all.

First time post so go easy on me.

I got fed up with constantly using a cable run across the room to transmit from my laptop so got myself one of these Google Chromecast things.

I figured that the quality to my HDTV would be pretty much the same as using a cable which of course is near perfect. I was wrong. The quality and speed is appalling.

So assuming I must be doing something wrong, I went searching for options. I could find no options, in fact I could not even find the GOOGLE CAST extension in my Chrome extensions.

On searching the internet (literally for hours as I do not like to post when the answer is normally out there), I found that to access any options I had to 'disable' my media router. When I did this, my cast icon moved position and gave me a couple of options. It was set on default (possibly meaning the best available), so to try changing just anything at all, I changed it to 720p. I then tried to cast but it refused.

I then changed back to media router back on (enabled) and again it transmitted to my TV no problem but the quality was awful again and no options anywhere to change it.

I wonder if someone might be kind enough to assist me. Note, when in my regular mode, I have 2 choices of transmitting: 1. Tab 2. Whole system. This is clearly fantastic. When in the second mode that does not work, I can only transmit a tab.

All very frustrating.


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