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Chromecast with home-made Wifi (without internet)


It's a bit weird question but here it goes.

I have a chromecast working a home perfectly. I would like to install Plex to stream my home videos. (haven't tried yet but I guess it should work easily as I have done it before playing a video in the chrome browser with vlc and streaming it).

However, I would like to know if I am gonna be able to do the same when I won't have my adsl connection. As Chromecast works through WIFI, I have to create some connection to make devices talk, but, does this connection need internet? I mean, can I create a ad-hoc wifi connection using a phone without sim (there is not internet) and connect a PC and the chromecast to it so I can stream from the PC?

Let's see if someone has tried something like this before.

Thank you


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