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Connectivity (RV television)


Using the HDMI port on the back of the monitor I attached Google’s ChromeCast. I tested the dongle at my house and it worked without much of an issue. When I attempted to pair it with a Furrion monitor in my trailer it did not work, that is to say, it connected but I could not see anything on the monitor, which had been placed into HDMI mode. The monitor is suppose to show the code that is also on your device, iPad. The monitor did not; instead it showed, briefly, the HDMI value of 720p/60Hz.
So, my question or inquiry is—Any tips for troubleshooting this?

Try with the AC cable and the HDMI extension

Chromecast works with all 3 Furrion TVs in my coach. I'm suspecting a resolution problem. Try different settings on the TV. Start at 480 and see if that helps.

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