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Author Topic: 4K Chromecast Ultra Picture Leaks Before Google Event  (Read 4032 times)


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4K Chromecast Ultra Picture Leaks Before Google Event
« on: September 27, 2016, 01:12:20 AM »

Is the above picture of the 4K Chromecast Ultra?  According to the tech site VentureBeat it is and will sell for $69 and stream 4K video via HDMI to your home display.  It apparently features beefed up specs from last years Chromecast upgrade.  The firmware reportedly running the new Chromecast Ultra is version 1.21 and feature a new 'G' logo instead of the old Chromecast one.  At nearly twice the price of the regular Chromecast it's unclear whether the company will continue to sell the regular version at $35 or whether the 4K will completely displace it. We'll know more on Oct 4th.


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