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Author Topic: Google I/O 2014 Full Video Of Keynote: Android L, Android Wear, Google TV & More  (Read 1205 times)


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Last week was Google's 7th annual I/O conference held in San Francisco.  During I/O Google shows all the latest projects it's working on and this year the two 'stars' of the show were Android Wear, Google's version of Android for the wearable platform such as smart watches, and Android L, which is destined to be the next version of Android and features a new graphical language called 'material design'.  Since we know some Chromecast owners are more than just casual users and love seeing all the nitty gritty and latest cutting edge stuff from Google we thought we'd link the full Keynote video above for your viewing pleasure.  It's a long video...over two hours...and it covers a lot of ground and touches on other topics such as developments in Chrome, a version of Android targeted to developing markets called 'Android One', Google TV, Chromecast, and much more.  There's also the first look at some hardware for the wrist...three smart watches for the new Android Wear platform. 

We have a dedicated site for Android Wear that we invite you all to join as this exciting new platform continues to develop and grow in popularity.  It's at Android Wear Forum.  In the meantime feel free to skip around a bit on the video above if you don't want to see the whole show.  But if you do have the time it's well worth the watch and will fill you in on the direction that Google is taking mobile computing for the current year and you'll also get to see much of the new version of Android that will be appearing on your devices just around the corner.

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