Author Topic: Google Releases Chromecast SDK: All Developers Now Able To Make Chromecast Apps  (Read 2687 times)


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After over 6 months of waiting and a steady, albeit slow stream of apps that Google has helped released for the Chromecast the company has finally released it's SDK to all developers.  What this means is that we should now see a veritable tidal wave of new apps  that support the the media streaming device.  This should launch the Chromecast into a solid competitors for most of the other major streaming service/devices such as roku and Apple TV.  In a sense app makers will find it easier to have Chromecast work with their apps since all they will need to do is update their current apps to support the SDK and you'll be able to use the app both on your tv and mobile device.  Imagine word processing, playing all your favorite games, music streaming services, productivity apps and more...all on the big screen of your television and controlled by your choice of mobile device, whether phone, tablet or laptop.  It's all about to happen and should transform the way a lot of us use our devices and televisions...

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