Author Topic: YouTube App Updated To Include Chromecast Previews, Playlists And More!  (Read 1547 times)


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Good news for all you YouTube junkies that are watching your favorite videos on the big screen paired up with your Chromecast.  Google has just updated the popular video sharing and upload site's Android and iOS Apps to include more Chromecast friendly features such as a 'preview' screen that appears on your television when using the app on a mobile device and connected to your Chromecast.  Another major change is the ability to 'swipe down' a video when playing and search for other content simultaneously.  Previously you had to wait until the currently playing video was finished.  Using the 'preview' users see a thumbnail version of the video on their mobile device and then can decide to either play or it or add it to the queue...all without interrupting the video that is already playing.  Another added feature includes the ability to search and browse playlists.  Finally, the app has a cleaner, fresh look overall.  Grab it for your mobile device of choice and then use it with your Chromecast to take advantage of all the new features.

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