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Author Topic: Signed up 2 say Blinkbox has just got UV Support  (Read 1166 times)


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Signed up 2 say Blinkbox has just got UV Support
« on: October 12, 2014, 01:14:38 AM »
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Just like to say hello as an British Chromecast user.

I've just redeemed another film through and I almost wet myself to be given the option to redeem to Blinkbox alongside the usual Flixster option.

It looks like I was lucky with my timing as after choosing Blinkbox I logged into Blinkbox I had to wait for there site updates to reveal the additional UV support.

I now have about half of my collection available through Blinkbox including a few films that were previously only playable with Flixster through a PC.

Looks like this is still WIP as I can watch a UV film through the Blinkbox app on my PS3 but the website errors before I can get chance to play the film.


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