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  A few years ago I set up a media center PC by my TV in the living room.  It was great!  I didn't want to pay for cable so I just set up a big antenna on the roof.  Put a couple of TV tuners in my PC and bought a Netflix subscription.  Pure high quality HD TV, I could record anything that came over the air and if I wanted watch Netflix.  I had it all running with a universal remote control and wireless keyboard with everything managed by Windows Media Center.  Great system.  I loved it.

I'm the only one in the house that could figure out how to watch TV.  Computer has to be on, right input selected start WMC if it wasn't running.  Seemed simple to me but I'd often come home and no TV all day cus nobody could figure out the right combination to get things going.

With Chromecast my wife can find a movie on Netflix or a video on YouTube on her tablet, hit the cast button and wala!  TV turns on to the right input and she's excersizing with Jillian!

The Chromecast doesn't do nearly as much as my media PC but its simple and it works!!

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Sent from my Sero 7 Pro using Tapatalk.

I was attempting to watch a YouTube video on my Chromecast in my room when the video suddenly started playing on the living room TV.  I can now see "Blu Ray Player" and Bedroom Chromecast" as choices when hitting the Chromecast button. 

Have a smart TV or blue ray player?  Give it a try.

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Chromecast Help / Replace USB cable to fix dead Chromecast.
« on: November 29, 2013, 09:24:30 AM »
(I posted this on Sero7Forum a few weeks ago.  I thought it might be helpful here)

Woke up this morning and my Chromecast was dead.  The indicator light was red but on.  The TV was getting a signal but it was just a black screen.  Did a little research.  Google recommends resetting it and I guess there is a known issue with the reset button sticking.  Well, that didn't help.  Then someone at android central recommended replacing the USB cable.  I tried that and it fired right up.

It is amazing how many issues I've seen solved by swapping out the cable.  Charging, syncing, flashing Roms.  It is an easy first step in resolving many issues.

You might think your usb cable is fine.  It seems to work.  Problems with a usb cable can be intermittent.   

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